Mobile partition

Product widely used for dividing spaces for multipurpose use, such as meeting rooms, training rooms, classrooms, etc. It integrates with our fixed screen systems, with the possibility of using the same finishes in all the products included in the project. Lately in demand in the domestic sector, for the division of day-night spaces, kitchens-living room, etc. When closed, acoustic insulation is achieved (certified), equal to a traditional brick wall Available in different thicknesses, depending on the required insulation requirement and available budget

The guide is made of lacquered aluminum in the preferred tone, and can be installed hidden in the false ceiling or surface.
Each section is divided into independent modules tongue and groove between them by means of a hidden aluminum profile with a magnetic strip to facilitate its closure.
The modules are hung from the guide by means of roller carriages, to facilitate their sliding, no type of guide is necessary on the ground, resulting in completely open spaces when it is open.
The opening system can be monodirectional (on the same axis) or multidirectional with the possibility of moving the modules to the chosen stacking space.
The modules are sealed between the ceiling and the floor by means of a telescopic base operated on the side of each module, by manual means or automatically with an electric mechanism operated with a specific design control.
The modules can be manufactured in double glass or blind, being able to incorporate, if desired, interior doors in the selected sections.