Compartimenta is a manufacturer and installer of compartmentation systems for the office sector.

Our products have been designed by our team of professionals, collecting the latest aesthetic trends and incorporating recently-released materials.

We are constantly evolving, being able to respond to the demands of our customers, to achieve this we reinvest in R&D for the development of new products and elements, incorporating them into our current systems or developing one completely new, if we consider it


We have a space for technical office and exhibition of
our products, where our team of professionals develop
any proposal, adapting it to our systems


Starting from our T100 system, we have designed this product with industrial aesthetics, highly demanded in the domestic sphere as a separation between kitchens and living rooms. The advantage over any traditional carpentry is that we use the same elements and concept that the system provides us, the glass is still laminar 6 + 6 mm and is installed from floor to ceiling, the divisions are made with aluminum surface profiles according to the chosen design. The result is a high-performance partition with the level of acoustic insulation required in the workplace. The glass doors can incorporate the same divisions as the fixed sections, and these can be swing or sliding opening, even automatic.


Product intended for communities, for the separation of changing rooms, toilets, changing rooms.
In wet rooms, the most suitable finish is phenolic board, incorporating fiber or stainless steel hardware. Matte tempered glass can also be used in these environments.
Possibility of manufacturing in postformed sandwich boards finished in high pressure laminate, achieving a greater thickness and a different appearance for installations that require a higher level of finish.
All doors are equipped with self-closing hinges and lock with free-occupied indicator, complying with current regulations.
We have different models of lockers, benches and doors in the same finishes as the cabins.



Furniture incorporated in our partitioning systems
Reception desks
Based on the ideas provided, our technical team will draw up some workshop plans before going on to the manufacturing process, to verify that the design has been correctly interpreted and providing the best solutions, including advice on finishes and fittings used.

We have a space for technical office and exhibition of
our products, where our team of professionals develop
any proposal, adapting it to our systems


Some installations where our products have been included



Ubicación: Madrid Sistema T100 Productos instalados: Tabique doble vidrio Modulo



Ubicación: Ciudad financiera Boadilla del Monte (Madrid) Producto instalado: Boxes


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